Sellers Reputation


Admodito is an online community wherein merchandise are advertised and bought by our community members. To prevent unnecessary loses on both the buyer and the seller a reputation button is available for our users - the community members; to rate the quality of each transactions happening at Admodito. Each users are encouraged to provide feedback on every transaction successful or not, by commenting on the item page being sold by the seller. Comment form is available in the system and accessible when you are logged in.

You are free to comment and provide feedback, but keep in mind that being rude most of the time will not give you, your intended results. It is always best to be courteous, to our fellow members and ask nicely. We understand that sometimes there are instances that buyers and sellers will not agree on the result of a transaction. It is best to resolve issues among ourselves first before raising your concern on the comment form. Rate the seller, based on your satisfaction meter once a transaction has been completed. This reputation scale in the long run will serve as gauge to measure the dependability of the seller.

Users Reputation

Although sellers cannot give users a direct rating. They can always provide feedback on the users activity and we will keep note of that to prevent people from taking advantage of our community. If there are so many negative feedback against a user, we can always opt to ban users from accessing the system, and if there are complaints of illegal activity against any user we will try our best to help law enfocement to the maximum permitted by law.

Our Vision

It is our vision to build a successful community that users trust exists among each member of the community. We don't like our system to be used as a medium to cheat people, as such we will endeavor to do our best, to provide our members a community that builds and develop integrity among its user base. We would like to distance ourselves to advertisement that caters to easy money marketing scheme or multi level marketing scheme without selling any real products or businesses that promotes high profits return for small investment. If your business falls on one of those please don't published it here, as we will surely remove it, sorry but we don't support and believe those concepts. We will always delete those advertisement when it appears on our system.

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