Get started with Admodito

Get started with Admodito

Admodito is an online classified market place where you can advertise, sell, buy or swap items from Admodito user community, Here's how it works:

  1. 1. Create a Admodito account at to register?
  2. 2. Create a Admodito account using your Facebook ⇓ Facebook Login
  3. 3. Publish your ad for free, or choose our premium listing to maximize your ad exposure and post your ads for a longer period.

Account Management

When you logged in to Admodito. You can access your account management page to publish your ad listings and manage your account information. The information you are providing here will be accessible to Admodito community member's once they are logged in to the system, for them to contact you or communicate about your ongoing transactions.


Public Profile

Your public profile displays all your listings at Admodito. It also displays a little information about you like your name or alias, your email address your mobile number, your website (if you have one, and your location. This information are only accessible to logged in users.



My Listings is where you can manage your ads at Admodito, it provides you with an edit function to correct or update your ad listing or to completely delete it once your item's has been sold, or you no longer want to published your item.

my listings


Alerts are in place to monitor an ad category on Admodito website, if you want to monitor a particular category for your ad listings you need to subscribe to an alert. An alert subscription box is available on the left sidebar for each ad category, i.e Real State, Cars etc. all you need to do is to put your email address on the subscription box and confirm that you would like to subscribe to an alert by confirming the subscription alert sent to your email (you need to cut and paste the confirmation link to your browser) to monitor new ads being published on a particular category.



Account page is where you can manage your account information. The information you provided here are accessible to Admodito community members. We recommend that you update this information as accurately as possible to establish your credibility as a legitimate seller or buyer. The more accurate your information the easier it will be for our community members to assess if it is alright to transact with you.


Change Email

Here is where you can change your account email, but make sure that the email you are using is a working email. This is where we send our system notification regarding your ads if someone has contacted you, notification for expiring ads and other promotional email we sent from time to time. We also send personal notices to this email account if we notice that you are not following our ad posting guidelines. So make sure that this is a working email and you are checking it regularly.

change email

Change Username

Your username is tied to your email account, this is being used to identify you to Admodito website. If you would like to change it once in a while you can do it here. If a username is taken, you cannot use it, username must be unique.

change username

Change Password

Your account password is what keeps your information secure. We recommend that you don't share it with anyone and use strong password wherever you need to use a password. A strong password is a combination of alpha and numeric characters with upper and lowercase combination. Just remember your password and don't write it as much as possible. If it happens that you need to change your password to keep your information secure you can do it here by providing your old and new password information. A password reset or recovery form is also available in cases in which you cannot access or login to the system ⇒ Recover your password here.

change password

Listings payment status

Listings payment status is where you can upgrade your normal ad listings to premium. Premium listings are listed twice on Admodito giving more exposure to your ads. Premium ads has a longer publishing period than normal ads, so you don't need to renew and republished your ads too soon. It appears on top of the search page randomly together with other premium ads based on users keyword search giving you more exposure to users that are actually looking for a product same as yours. You must purchase an account credit to use this feature, or you may also publish your ad as premium each time you're publishing an ad you have an option of paying your ad at published time, but why bother when you can buy a credit and use it conveniently.

listings payment status
make ad premium

Buy credit for payments

Your account credits are used to pay up ads that you want to be publish as premium. If you purchased a credit pack it will be added to your account credit. Your credit is used up every time you are publishing a premium ad, the amount of a premium ad is automatically deducted from your credit balance. Currently we have three (3) credit packs to choose from amounting to PHP 200.00, 400.00 and 1000.00. The credits are not refundable and has no value outside Admodito. Your credits can only be used in publishing ads at Admodito's website. When purchasing please remember to choose a suitable package enough for your own use, as our credit packs are not transferable and non refundable. Currently we support Paypal as our medium of payment, but we accept bank payments and money transfer if requested, through our contact us page.

credit packs

Republish your ads

At Admodito you can easily manage your ad listings, through our republishing page. Your ad inventory information are displayed showing the remaining days before your ad expires, and your ads that has already lapsed. You have an option to republish your individual ad every 7 days (1 week waiting period). A notification email for your expiring ads will also be sent to your registered email address 2 days before your ad expires.

republish your ad

Delete Account

Whatever happens don't hit this button, because we will be missing you and we hate to see you go!. But if it does end here, we bid you farewell and we just move on... Come back if you change your mind.

delete account

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