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Free Ads

We provide the facility to publish your ads through Admodito website; your ads here will remain free and will be shown for a total of (18 days) before it expires + 2 days window for you to republish your ads. After that period ads that was not republished will be deleted by the system. You are allowed to republished your ads for a total of 4 times with a 6 days wait period. This is for the benefit of our registered users who have multiple listings on their account you can see the republished ad options on your Admodito account dashboard, including your profile updating. We encourage everyone to update their profile for your credibility. If people feels that they are dealing with a real person, then they will be more comfortable in doing a business transaction with you. Your profile are only accessible to logged in users.

Premium Ads

We support premium ads posting by letting users pay for the ads that they want to publish longer. Premium ads will be displayed on Admodito website for a total of 90 days from the date of posting. Premium Ads will cost you 50 credits equivalent to P50.00 per ad for 90 days. Due to high transaction cost on Paypal payment system (4.4% +15 Php) we can no longer afford to offer our premiun ad listing from the original price that we previously published.

Premium Ads Payment

Premium Ads payment can be purchase directly on your Account Management page. Currently there are 3 Credit packs to choose from; amounting to 200.00, 400.00, and 1000.00. The amount you purchase will be used to pay up the cost of publishing your premium ads, on Admodito website. We are currently using paypal to collect payments, however if you would like to pay in cash, that can be arrange using money transfer services in the Philippines. When in Thailand we are accepting payments through bank to bank payment transfer through Kasikorn and Bangkok Bank. You may contact us using our contact form for details.

Account Credits

Account credits when purchased are not refundable and may only be used in posting ads on Admodito website, it doesn't have value or any use outside the website. When you purchase a credit make sure that it is sufficient for your intended use as we don't issue refund for excess on your credit purchased. However you may continue using those credits as long as it is available on your account balance.

Premium Spots

Premium Spots Ad (banner ads), are available for site members to publish their advertisement for a period of 1 month, on specific spots on our website. If you would like to utilise our banner advertisement across our site you may contact us, using the contact us form on this site.

Although we would  like the platform to remain free for public use, there are aspects of the site that needs payment in order for us to operate the website. There are costs associated in running the servers and database, domain names and maintenance of the site. We are recovering the cost of running those services, through premium ads placement from our users.

Materials Content Posting

You as the user warrants that you own the copyright of the materials being posted by you. Our logos, trademarks, text content and materials posted by us are governed by copyrights and international law. Copying duplication and dissemination of such content are prohibited without written permission from us.

Uploading multiple contents

The use of the system is a privilege not a right; so you are not allowed to be abusive and post multiple contents with the same listing just to have exposure on your advertisement, and posting on multiple categories with content that does not belong to proper category is also prohibited. We will delete any content posted outside the proper category, or move it to a specific category without notice or worse delete it right away. If this is repeated multiple times we will delete your account from the system including the materials you've posted.


We reserve the right to effect changes to this document at our own discretion.

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