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Posting Policy

Please take note that we are after content quality and not quantity. We all know that items we sell or buy expires (i.e items are sold, out of stock, etc.) and so, ad expires; to make it reasonable with everyone visiting the site we set the free ad expirations to 18 days across the site. What does it mean to you?. It just mean that you need to re-activate or update your ad posting every 18 days to keep it free, you a have a 2 days window to republish or update your ads before it will be totally deleted by our system, this is to keep content fresh for everyone. Premium listing are also available if you have items that you want to publis longer for 90 days at Php 50.00, per ad.You can purchase ad credit in your "My Account" page if you want to utilized our premium listings. Ad payments for premium listings are automatically deducted from your credit balance once you make any of your ad as premium, please remember that we don't issue refunds to credits you purchased for use in your premium listing. So before you buy, make sure the amount you choose is sufficient for the items you want to list as premium. It has no value outside Admodito and you can only use it here for posting ads until your credit runs out.

How to Improve your listings?

You can improve your listings by posting in proper category of the site, as it will make your ads easy to find for people looking for your items. We utilized images for your ads, so you better take advantage of this feature by posting your ads with corresponding pictures. Picture size are automatically adjusted by the system with the following measurement: normal size is "640px X 480px", preview size is "480px X 340px", and thumbnail size is "240px X 200px" To keep a good consistent image you can upload a maximum image with a dimension of "1280px x 960px" and it will be automatically resized by the system. Each ad you post can accept a maximum of six (6) images per/ad. We don't allow posting of pictures with our competitors logo embedded in the image. It's either we delete the offending image or de-activate your ad until you correct the violation.


Another way to improve your listing is by filling up properly and completely the fields being asked in the listing form, this includes the category, the title of your listings or product being advertise, provide a clear and concise description, price of item if applicable, otherwise you can leave the field blank to show "Contact Seller" instead of "Free", provide your pictures as explained above, provide an accurate listing locations being asked in the form. If it's more complete your listings will be easily searchable using the search function on the site. You can also provide a video link presentation to enhance your ad listing.

Prices on your listings

We understand that sometimes you need to hide the pricing details on your products, to maximize your profit margin or hide your prices from your competitor. That is perfectly fine, however putting 0.00 on the price field of your ad listings will show the price as "FREE" if you really don't want to give it away as "FREE". Remove 0.00 on the price field and save your listing and it will show "CHECK WITH SELLER" instead of "FREE".

Posting Duplicate contents

We don't allow posting of ad with duplicate contents but posted in different categories of the site, as well as ads posted by different people advertising the services of a particular company, if you are a company advertising for your product or services. We advise you to contact us and utilize our banner ad services, which will give you exposure across the site. Agents our allowed to post their own listings, however we do keep track of users that only want to maximize their exposure on the system by posting multiple ads at once with the same content but with different pictures. We don't encourage this, as it will just pollute the database with useless ad listings, and if you do that we will simply delete the listings you've posted or de-activate your account. If you are aiming to boost the SEO of your company website by generating backlinks to your site, this is not a place to do that because the system is programmed to disregard backlinks. To maximize the exposure of your listings from Google, good description on the title and content description are enough for your ads to appear in Google search. You don't need to put the location on the title of ad posted as location will appear in your postings if you properly selected the correct locations, any excessive and repetitive text on the content description and unecessary extra characters will cause your ads to be filtered by our "SPAM filter" automatically. This is common on Real State Section so if your ad does not appear on public view on the latest listings, chances are your ad is filtered out as spam. Continous posting even if your ads are blocked will result in account de-activation.

Account Notification

It is important that you have a valid and working email when you register as it will be used to activate your account. We initially set the system to does not require email validation, however some users have tried to use an invalid email with intensions of posting "spam listings" so every registration now will require an email verification to activate your account. We also send out notification on your registered email in the system, including contact form messages for people trying to contact you. So you should have a valid email account that you regularly used.

Thank you for your support, just follow the guidelines to keep your ad free!, posted and accessible to everyone. Happy Posting!

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